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Flawed Character, Failed Presidency, a Flailing Trump

September 30, 2017 Leave a comment

Like the face-clinging alien, he’s hard to get rid of. Leeching, parasitical, he sucks onto the American body politic. It’s his only way to survive. There is an escape, Ripley is on the way, but until then, this monster will try and suck the life out of you. To continue the ‘Alien’ analogy, he is an immediate danger to all those who encounter him. This one does not come in peace. Trump is hostile and a threat to human life itself,

His rhetoric with North Korea may walk us in to a nuclear exchange where millions are slaughtered, just to please this modern Nero. Trump doesn’t want to die, but he has no conscience, and doesn’t care if millions of Koreans are slaughtered. Here’s a man who during security briefings repeatedly asked what the big deal with using nukes was. The US balance of powers was designed to stop people like him getting to the White House. It has clearly failed.

Yet, there is some push-back from the ‘adults’ in the regime which is beginning to have some effect. The generals, and General Kelly in particular, have tried to put some normality on the abnormal. Some of the worst alt-right white nationalists are gone, but some remain. Every time Trump goes off message – which is pretty much when he opens his mouth – the ‘adults’ step in to attempt to sweep up his mess. They are patriots trying to save the system.

But the real heroes are the ‘resistance’. Despite being snidely dismissed by DINOs and Reagan Democrats, it’s the activists, the ordinary men and women, those who march, those who organise in red states, those who refuse to accept the cruelties from the high tower, who are the patriots that America needs right now. They are part of the movement that will eventually force out this fake president. They have more power than they know; diversity is their strength.

They are constantly belittled by the appeasers, those who argue that Trump needs to be given a chance, that he speaks for his base. He may well represent the prejudices and insecurities of millions of voters, but that does not make him right, or mean his views need to be heeded. He is the epitome of a con man, having promised what he can’t possibly deliver, and is now looking for scapegoats to deflect from his failures. Do not appease this man. Deal where you can win, such as the Democrats with the ‘Dreamers’, but don’t bargain with him.

The international response has been cautious but largely a sense of getting a measure of the man. Small symbolic acts hurt Trump the most. He must not be asked to any state visits. By all means deepen relationships with local US diplomats, but spare us the sight of a Ceausescu-style motorcade touring Mittel-Europe to hand-picked crowds. No, he has not earned, and is not entitled to such niceties. There’s enough hate being spread already without adding to it.

The pessimists worry that Robert Mueller’s investigation will run out of steam. It may well do so. It may gather enough evidence to propose impeachment, and the political will may not be there to set the ball rolling. Or Trump may simply find a way to fire Mueller, causing a massive constitutional crisis where the ‘adults’ leave the administration and where the USA edges inexorably either toward dictatorship, political collapse, or regime change. Firing Mueller is a bad idea.

Robert Mueller has been methodically gathering the goods on Trump and his associates. Financial dealings that 45 thought he had buried by becoming president are being unturned, and all that information that he prayed would never surface, may well have already come up at a grand jury hearing. The Trump campaign links to Russia will become even more clear, except to the ‘deplorables’ who don’t care. The pressure to get drag this man out of the Oval Office will be immense.

When 45’s business council appointments resigned, that was a clear indication that even big business had had enough of Trump’s behaviour. The bottom line is profit, but the Silicon Valley companies put diversity at the heart of their ethos. When CEOs start to see that having anything to do with the US President is damaging to their share price and customer base, they start to take notice. Their fiduciary duty then becomes to take a stand.

The fly in the ointment is Trump’s personality. He is not equipped to think beyond the short-term. His business success – for what it was – was based on the sale, the deal, the show. He’s no Warren Buffet. He can’t strategize because he doesn’t know how to. He has exhibited an animal cunning in his ability to survive in his dealings over the years.

Yet, he is also as the ordinary commuter from Silver Springs would understand it, ‘mad’. His narcissism knows no bounds. American psychiatrists have had to break the so-called Goldwater rule – not to analyse someone they haven’t met – such is the danger of having someone like Trump with his hand on the nuclear trigger. He has the mind of a destructive toddler in the body of a septuagenarian.

Trump will fail, not because of some natural petering out, or because the system in America is so strong. No, he will fail because most Americans have a sense of decency, the investigative process will seek to hold him to account, and because, eventually, people will have had enough, and politics will triumph. The emperor will be shown to be wearing no clothes.

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