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Manchester, British Election, Trump in Trouble, Alt-Left


Manchester is now another city to add to Paris, Brussels, and Nice in the list of places falling prey to ISIS terrorism. This attack was particularly cruel. The suicide bomber would have known the age profile of those attending. It was an atrocity that can’t be blamed on foreign policy, on police failures, or on alienation, although these are factors in the greater scheme of things. It was the act of a homicidal maniac; he is the one with blood on his hands. There is no easy fix to this; it will be a combination of education and security. But let’s not have the usual suspects on the Hard Left equivocating on this act of barbarism. ISIS know what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and how to do it. They don’t need misguided or ideologically-driven commentators telling them what to think. They want to establish a global caliphate, not negotiate the finer points of international relations with the rest of us, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. The best thing we can all do is go back to what binds us together; respect for human rights, democracy, and the rule of law. If this sounds like a long-term project, that’s because it is.

British Election

Less than ten days to go to the British General Election and the Labour party seems to have recovered a lot of ground. A recent opinion poll in ‘The Times’ has them within five points of the Conservatives. This would be the unlikeliest of comebacks. It’s been such an unusual two year period in international politics that we can rule nothing out. But this would be the mother of all revenge of the underdogs. In the extremely unlikely event that Jeremy Corbyn is the next Prime Minister, it will have been the biggest turn up for the books in modern polling history. Labour were over twenty points behind only a few short weeks ago, and now they’re within striking distance of Theresa May. This could well be as good as it gets. Even pegging it back to this small a lead would not stop a comfortable Conservative majority. The fact that Labour are still behind and expected to lose is a testament to Corbyn’s weakness as a leader. Theresa May is not a good campaigner or effective Prime Minister; Her Majesty’s Opposition should be streaks ahead, particularly after Brexit. After May 8th, it is likely that Labour will still be wanting.

Trump & Russia

For Trump, all roads seem to lead back to Moscow. It now appears that Jared Kushner, his senior advisor, and son-in-law, is a ‘person of interest’ to the FBI, one that started up a secret channel to the Russian Ambassador in DC. Two of DT’s senior former subordinates, Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn, are under investigation, and facing prosecution. The firing of FBI Director Jim Comey has opened up a whole new world of pain for ‘45’ as he becomes bogged down in a mire of his own making. America may well have elected a President guilty of treason. What would motivate someone like to Trump sell out his country? Money and status. That’s all he’s ever cared about. Russian mob money is alleged to have helped bail him out during his several bankruptcies. No serious commentators find him trustworthy or credible about anything anymore, if they ever did. Things are getting very serious for Trump. He either beats the rap, and American democracy gets devalued even further, or he resigns, and/or gets prosecuted/impeached. As things stand, the system is just about holding out against this man. Should he fail to be deposed, the system will have failed.


You’ll know the Alt-Left when you see them. They’re active on Twitter as Russell Brand fans, in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party, and heavily embedded in the Bernie-or-Buster crowd. They would rather America fall foul of fascism than vote for a centrist candidate to prevent this. Sanders supporters in particular are still holding out that their man was defrauded, and then like some latter day deposed royal, he will be restored and lead his people as a just king. In reality, the Bernie-or-Busters resemble the Japanese soldier still fighting the war in the jungle long after it’s finished. Bernie lost; they need to get over it. We will never know if he would have beaten Trump; it’s an academic question. Similarly, Corbynistas blame everyone except their beatified Jeremy for his leadership and judgment errors. Most people in Ireland did not believe ‘Troops Out’ were working for peace, yet this is a meme that’s doing the rounds in defence of his advocacy for radical-chic. Yet try pointing this out and you’ll be called a Tory, a Blairite, a Murdoch lackey etc. The Alt-Left may not be as malignant or racist as the Alt-Right, but in their willingness to promote alternative facts, they share many of their thought processes.


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