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Or to go into the Dark

FBI Director James Comey made one of the, depending on your perspective, most ham-fisted, or biased, calls ever in a Presidential race to terrify all decent Americans and most global citizens. Hillary Clinton is still the overwhelming favourite to be the next President. But Friday’s events, when America’s top cop broke all precedent by saying the Democratic Party front-runner still – as far as he’s concerned – has questions to answer indirectly related to the investigation into her email server, sent a shiver down the spine of supporters of democracy. The Department of Justice is reportedly furious. The FBI comes out of this really badly. Comey seemed prepared to run the risk of a fascist entering the White House on the back of for what at worst will turn out to be a misdemeanor by Mrs Clinton.

That’s the core of the issue. This false equivalence, believed by millions of Know-Nothings, that Trump’s singular unsuitability for the top job, his panoply of disgraces, displays of arrogance and ignorance and the genuinely serious criminal allegations against him, are somehow balanced by a so far non-story about former Secretary of State Clinton. As observed by other commentators regarding this forced weighing scales approach, you can not compare the apples of political maladministration and unfounded accusations of influence peddling with the oranges of everything this monstrous creature running for the Republicans has ever said and done.

Let’s consider just two of the big headline issues against Trump. Firstly, nuclear weapons. This bloviating thug, this slimy id-driven moron, wants to be in charge of the nuclear trigger. Talk all you like about the US balance of powers, if he wins, he’s the man. Sitting in the Oval Office or Situation Room as an international crisis explodes in some corner of the world. How do you feel with Trump in charge? Terrified?

Or secondly, the end of the US as we know it. It’s the day after the election, and it’s a narrow Trump win. The racial attacks have started. It is the country of the White Nationalist Alt-Right now. They’ve won. Their guy is now running the show. The violence comes thick and fast. Trump opponents, such as his ‘Art of the Deal’ ghost-writer Tony Schwartz will have fled the country. Breitbart goons with keyboards will now be directing operations as America becomes a police state. This won’t happen overnight. But it will happen. Think this is an exaggeration? Nixon was a ‘cuck’ effete liberal compared to The Donald. Calling some of Trump’s mouth-breathing supporters ‘a basket of deplorables’ was unfair on both baskets and deplorables.

These two scenarios are – thankfully – unlikely to happen. It’s likely that Hillary Clinton will win on Tuesday 8th and become the first female President of the United States of America. This is to be welcomed not only for her saving democracy – only! – but also for her own qualities and policies which have been overlooked because of the madness of this campaign.

President Obama has said on several occasions that there’s never been a candidate more qualified for the position of POTUS than Hillary Clinton. To have been both Senator and Secretary of State and to have served in both roles with distinction is an accomplishment light years beyond the self-aggrandising her opponent has spent all his life doing. She has the intelligence and stamina for the role and has shown a commitment to political service that will stand her well as President.

Clinton will put gun control at the centre of her administration. Donald Trump doesn’t care if there are more Sandy Hooks, she does. She will increase taxes on the super-rich, her opponent won’t even publish his taxes. She will maintain an economic stimulus approach, while Trump promises everything and nothing. And Hillary Clinton believes in man-made Climate Change, Donald Trump says that’s a hoax. You can go through the list. She is the national and right choice for Progressives.

Next week, after Tuesday, the FBI should go on record as to how far down the road they are on investigating Trump for treason. They should throw the book at him. He should face the full rigour of the law. But he – in a true test of liberal values – is entitled to due process. FBI Head Comey did not treat candidate Clinton fairly last week. Senator Harry Reid has gone as far as to say that Comey did this on Trump’s behalf. This may or may not be so. Whatever the motivation, it was shockingly bad wrong move by the Feds.

This won’t sway the election. But it will remind people of the choice. Any remaining fence-sitters, who must be few and far between, must heed President Johnson’s words from 1964:

“These are the stakes. To make a world in which all of God’s children can live, or to go into the dark. We must either love each other, or we must die.”

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  1. Henning
    November 2, 2016 at 10:17 am

    Great piece. But… what about all those angry, disenfranchised people that will vote for Trump. I fear the divide is huge and Hillary won’t and probably can’t bridge the gap. There will be 40%, or more, who won’t vote for her. Painting Trump as the bad guy is just not it. The GOP have backed themselves into a corner they can’t get out of now. McConnell, Ryan, McCain and all the other spineless Republicans have created and nurtured this monster. Trump is just the current manifestation of a much bigger problem. Is there any way to heal the U.S.? Can the future president unite the country? To me that seems unlikely and so it will possibly just get worse in 4 years…

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