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Same Trump, Different Day & Corbyn’s Train Hits Buffers

Same Trump, Different Day

There is, in Donald Trump Watch, an attempt at a pivot going on. So unpopular is the Hair right now in terms of winning the race, so mocked is he by anyone with half a brain and so toxic is his brand, that his favourite trick, the double-down, just isn’t working anymore. Instead, he has tried to massage his message. This is coming hot on the heels of his new campaign appointments, including Steve Bannon, probably the first time since the 19th Century that the Democrats or Republicans have had an out-and-out White Nationalist as their campaign chief. But with every twist and turn Trump makes to lose some of the inflammatory and fascistic rhetoric, the more uncomfortable he becomes. He’s no sheep in wolf’s clothes, he’s the real deal. But when the Republican candidate says that he won’t deport every illegal immigrant, is he telling the truth now, or was he when he said he would? It’s become evident since way before the nomination that this is a dangerous man with limited capacity for verbal and mental acuity. He is a mess. One that deserves to be thrown out with the thrash into the garbage of US political history. November can’t come soon enough.

If Trump debates, and there are big doubts as to whether he will or not, it won’t necessarily be a cakewalk for Hillary Clinton. So cataclysmically low are the expectations of Trump in the debates, so discounted has his prospective performance been and so mocked his inability to construct even a basic argument, it is presumed that Clinton will annihilate him. She may well do so, such is the chasm in intelligence and basic civility between the two. But it could well come down to Trump just holding steady after doing no better, or worse, than his campaign has already defined him as. If there are floating voters who don’t know what a fascistic, Kremlin- steered, obnoxious, racist he is, then you have to ask: where have they been living for the last six months? He is so far behind right now in what he needs to do to win the White House that Hillary can theoretically afford some off moments. She will have a laser-like focus between now and election day, something that’s never been a problem for her in the past. Trump is going down and the debates won’t be enough to stop that.

Corbyn Slow-Motion Train Crash

It must have seen like such a simple wheeze. Have Jeremy Corbyn board a Virgin train, sit down on the floor and make him seem like Jesus, or a Franciscan Friar, there amongst us common folk stuck sitting at the toilet door. For a few, brief hours, it seemed as though he was finally catching a break. Here was something that would fire up the base even more in the run up to the leadership contest. What could possibly go wrong? For a start, if you’re going to engage in such a PR stunt, make sure that there are no seats available. The footage is unclear, but it appears that there were plenty of seats to go round. The problem through a public relations prism is that it appears that Jeremy Corbyn and his handlers couldn’t organise a knees up in a brewery. It is that lack of any nous, that makes the operation look completely amateurish. There’s no way this man has a prayer against the Tories. But try convincing his followers of that.

Many of Jeremy’s disciples, his Jeremiads, see him as a holy man standing up to the iniquities of the less righteous, the unrighteous being those who oppose his leadership of the Labour Party. Try asking them would you not rather a leader who can get you half a loaf rather than no loaf at all and you’re liable to be howled down, condescended, intimidated and perhaps common to all three such actions, be called a traitor. Such is the bad blood in Labour now that it is difficult to see a split not occurring whoever is elected. Most of the bile, the vast majority of it, has been coming from Corbyn supporters, a lot of whom seem to have a long list of former Left People they call traitors. So the Hard Left now sees every living Labour Leader as a sell-out. Anyone who remembers Militant’s carry on during the 1980s will feel its déjà vu all over again. The extreme Left want the purity of never having to compromise. It is the political adherence of a cultist; Jeremy can do no wrong, he is the way and the light, do not be distracted by the devils that seek to tempt you from the path of true righteousness. Labour, as Her Majesty’s Opposition and as a potential party of Government, looks finished.

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